Tired of your blogs looking the same as every other blog out there?

There are better options than having to deal with free themes that are never unique. Try our $399 custom wordpress theme design service. Your theme will be coded in valid xhtml/css and have professional graphics created.

Why is this so cheap?

Ok, so we all know that most custom WordPress themes would cost at LEAST $2,000.00, so why is this service so cheap? It’s because this is what we call a back-burner project.

A backburner project is a project that has an extended deadline. In this case, 2 months. This means that it will take no longer than 2 months to complete your custom design.

A backburner project is NO WAY means that you would be treated as a backburner customer. Actually, you will have full access to your designer and be able to contact him at any time!

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