Brandon ConnellYour consultant, Brandon Connell is an expert in his field. He has been in the business of search engine optimization since 1994 when Yahoo! was the leading search engine, and Google was small potatoes.

Brandon was self-taught in the world on internet marketing, and learned through trial and error. His years of experience has lead him to become the most sought after consultant in the business. As a matter of fact, this notoriety is the reason he was hired as an expert witness in a major patents and trademarks federal court case over copyright infringement of digital property, in which he was able to win his client a half a million dollars.

Brandon has been in business officially since 2002, and has pioneered many internet based companies. He is currently a celebrity pr consultant, internet marketing consultant, and a full time blogger.

Today, Brandon offers his knowledge to a few willing participants at affordable prices, and teaches them how to start their own successful home based business. YOU can become one of his successful students, and correspond with him personally.

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